Changing Community Supervision

Research shows that gratitude changes the way we see the world and improves the way we feel.  Focusing on gratitude, rather than lack, changes our lives!

For years, probation has included a requirement that probationers fulfill 24 to 80 or more hours of community service.  Community Service can be a wonderful thing, but seen from the eyes of someone who may be struggling to pay the costs of probation and fines, appear at check-ins, and find reliable transportation, it may be a recipe for failure.  

Judge Luther has replaced community service hours with a daily Gratitude Journal.  Research, and her own experience has shown that taking a quiet moment to appreciate even the smallest things in our surroundings can make a profound improvement in our outlook on life. 

Additionally, gratitude journals do not require fees - and don't compete with our valuable time with family or at work.  They are completely private.

Judge Luther is excitedly looking forward to the changes to come!

Writing on Her Journal